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SugarSync обеспечивает легкую и простую синхронизацию файлов между различными устройствами. Вы можете установить клиент на ваш ПК или Mac, или использовать на мобильных платформах iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows.

Файлами, котоырые хранятся в облаке SugarSync, можно поделиться с друзьями или опубликовать в виде ссылки.

SugarSync позволяет синхронизировать любую папку или файл с вашего компьютера, или используя SugarSync получить доступ к любым файлам на компьютере.

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SugarSync 2 point 0 is a complete redesign of our service about a year ago we started this project with an overarching goal of making the cloud even easier to use we're excited to give you an overview of the new design let's start on our desktop app with our new cloud tab the cloud tab shows you all of the folders you have synchronized to the cloud I'm an existing user so I see several folders already in the list new users will see only the my sugar Singh folder that we have pre created for you but we've made it very easy for anyone to add new folders to the cloud to sink a new folder simply drag and drop it onto the desktop app this folder is now synchronizing to the cloud and I can access it from my other computers and mobile devices next I want to show you how easy it is to access your files and folders from the cloud if we click on the folder here we'll see the folder info panel where I can manage the folder and see which devices are sinking this folder if I click the button to open the folder SugarSync will open Mac finder or Windows Explorer here on the left we've created an all new feature called the SugarSync drive this allows you to view all of your files and folders in the cloud and this includes files and folders that are sinking from my other computers I can edit remote files that aren't even stored on this computer I'll open up the folder that is synced to my other computer at home I can double-click to open the file and SugarSync will quickly download it from the cloud if I save a change it's updated directly to the cloud and then SugarSync will sync it to my home computer and here it is on my home computer I can open up the folder and the new changes are already there now I'd like to show you how we've made it easier to share files and folders of course I can easily view folders that other people have shared with me and files and folders that I have shared with other people but I really want to show you this new contact section to share a file or folder I simply drag the file or folder onto the blue drop target or directly onto one of my contacts next I can select the way I want to share I can share the folder privately and I can give my recipients add and edit permission or view only permission but we've added a new way to share with SugarSync two point oh I can share entire folders as a public link with anyone this is perfect for sharing large folders of documents or photos when your recipients click the link they'll have full access to your files without having to sign up or download special software we've made it easy to track your activity the new activity tab will show you all of the changes to the files and folders in your account and even if you add tons of files and folders to the cloud you'll have an easy way to search for the right file search is available in all of our new apps including the web and our mobile apps the redesign was comprehensive when you visit the new web app you'll see it has been updated to match the new design of the desktop app and this applies to mobile as well we'll release our new Android app first but our new iOS app will follow the apps use the new navigation model and we still make it really easy to view your files and photos by the way the older mobile apps will still work with the new to New SugarSync two point oh and that wraps up the overview SugarSync 2.0 is available right now as a beta just visit our website to download the new SugarSync 2 point 0 applications thanks

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